Balbriggan Lighthouse

Balbriggan LighthouseBalbriggan lighthouse was built in 1769 under the supervision of the Hamilton family of Hampton hall. The harbour itself was built between 1761-1765. Candles were the original means of illumination. George Hamilton was the keeper of the lighthouse for the first 43 years. On his recommendation the lighthouse was increased in height and the source of light was changed from candles to five oil lamps, each with a reflector. Following the establishment of Rockabill lighthouse in 1860, Balbriggan ceased to be a sea light and became a minor harbour light. By 1960 Balbriggan had become an unwatched electric lamp. In 1989 the responsibility for Balbriggan lighthouse passed from Irish lights to Dublin Port and Docks.The removal of the glass and brass dome of the lighthouse has caused consternation to the local population for many a year. Over the years the society, other local groups, and several public representatives have sought to have the missing dome replaced. As a result, in 2017 Fingal County Council commenced work on the lighthouse to replace the dome.